E-Liquid And Your Many Options!

1When it comes to smoking cigarettes, these days the US as a whole looks down on those who do and we put more and more laws in place every year discriminating against those who keep smoking.

Many, in an attempt to become healthier or live longer or even to just make somebody happy, they have made the switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to the new E-cig or Vape-Pen that are just starting to become very popular.

These little machines are amazing! Quickly turning water-based glycerin and nicotine into water vapor than is easily inhaled just like a regular smoke. You can barely tell the difference between the two!

Now just like with buying new packs- the E-Cig requires eliquid which is sold separately and most tobacco stores or and head shops. With the vaporizers becoming more popular every day, you’ll see places like gas stations and Wal-Mart stores starting to carry this.

Available in many different flavors like orange, coffee, tobacco, strawberry-banana etc., regular users are encouraged to buy multiple bottles and invent your own favorite flavor!

Aside from the taste and smell, another important factor to consider when choosing your E-Juice is how much nicotine you’ll be requiring. Most nicotine amounts come in 6, 10, or 16mg and are (of course) only sold to those 18yrs and up with a current ID. Most E-juice shops also offer discounts and free bottle testers if you frequent the same store.

When switching out your E-Juice for another kind, keep in mind the flavor you had in there with have to run-through the tank completely before you’ll notice a difference of flavor, and sometimes you’ll need to change tanks. It’s always smart to have an extra part or two on hand!

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