The Truth About Eliquid Vapor

hangsenElectronic cigarettes use something called eliquid which is a type of vapor and is supposedly less harmful to your lungs than tobacco smoke. The eliqud does contain high amounts of nicotine which makes it just as addictive as regular tobacco smoke. There have been many studies conducted in order to judge the safety of eliquid but the evidence is inconclusive and still, more tests need to be done to verify the safety of eliquid.

Research suggests, the eliquid is very popular amongst young adults who have never tried a regular cigarette before. The reason being is the eliquid markets itself as a harmless drug, without any known negative side effects, however, not many young adults are aware of the amount of nicotine in each sample of eliquid.

Although the eliquid may very well be healthier than tobacco smoke, the nicotine inside each eliquid sample will get you addicted, thus making you spend more money on the product and supporting the growing trend for eliquid support. It may be best to stay away from eliquid and tobacco cigarettes all together because the evidence is not good in either direction you choose to go.

Largely, the amount of evidence in support for eliquid has been placed online and little research has actually been proven by any notable organization. The United Kingdom is a popular place for eliquid, as well as certain parts of the United States of America. Some smokers prefer using the eliquid inside of an electronic cigarette to help quit their smoking habit.